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Pictures without Words

Roger Ballen's Photographic Aesthetics

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American photographer Roger Ballen was born in 1950. Since the 1970s he lives in South Africa.
After our first interview with him, he now tells us about the evolution of his art.
Ballen has started to transfer his distinctive aesthetics into other media. He is attracted by sculptures and installations, and he has found to YouTube. He produced several films, such as the 2012 music video "I Fink U Freeky" (from Die Antwoord), which was clicked millions of times, or the short film "Asylum of the Birds" from 2014. Via Youtube Ballen opens up a whole new audience to his aesthetics on pure photography.
It is this aesthetic that fills the main part of the interview: Ballen tells how he personally experiences his imagery and in what way it intensifies in modern times of his work. For him it is a world of "pictures without words".