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Pierre Gonnord

Portraits of Misfits

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In this FotoTV film,French photojournalist and prolific photographer Pierre Gonnord talks about his poetic work and his photography, concentrating on outsiders, the homeless, the less fortunate and even blind people.

His images are inspired by the great painters and his work is done largely in color but depend highly on his stylistic lighting. He likes to see all the details of the face, the pores, the eyes, and the humanistic expressions. He likens his work to the mood of the great Picasso.

Gonnord portraits are both mysterious and rich. Particularly his photos of blind people are found to be disturbing by some. But Gonnord takes his photos to make his subject happy, to bring a sort of humanity to them. What others find ugly he finds extremely exceptional, which makes him truly a poetic photographer.


Very Special

Something very different and precious! Fantastic work! Regards Ralph W. Lambrecht