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Portfolio Buildup for Models and Photographers

Bert Stephani's Win-Win Strategy

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If photographers are new to the business and do not yet have a meaningful portfolio, it is sometimes difficult to get talented models. Or you have to take a lot of money to book professional shootings. But money may be a problem for some beginning photographers, or they'd rather invest in the equipment.
In this tutorial, Bert Stephani gives a practical tip, which always works where people are willing to exchange their services: A photographer supports a young model to build up their portfolio or to make the first few pictures - and in return he receives a shoot in which he can implement his own pictorial ideas.
Of course, in this win-win contract the photographic quality has to be right so that the model also wants to give her very best. Bert shows which pictures model agencies and clients would like to see and how they can be realized as quickly as possible, so that there is still time for the photographer's ideas.