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Portrait Course on FotoTV


Hardly any other subject in photography attracts more interest that taking portraits! We therefore offer an initial 18 lesson course to introduce a wide range of important topics.

On this page you will find a series of films that can help you improve your portrait skills.

Lesson 1
Portrait Styles
Our introduction to portrait photography begins with a film that shows how to use cropping to create interesting portrait photos. Surprisingly, cropping does not just have to be a design tool. It can also be used to convey subject matter as well.
Lesson 2
Available Light
This lesson shows that you can take great portraits with just a camera and the available light. One of the best light sources that everyone has at home is the light from a window on a cloudy day. Watch and find out how to use it to take wonderful portrait photos.
Lesson 3
On Location
This film continues with the topic of available light. Steve Thornton shows how to produce good portraits by utilizing available light in diverse location.
Lesson 4
70's Style
In lesson 4, you can learn how to photograph creatively with available light in spite of ordinary and unspectacular conditions. In this film, Martin Krolop introduces the 70’s style, which takes advantage of camera lens deficiencies.
Lesson 5
Shooting at the Beach
Portraits don’t always have to be made with the subject standing or sitting. On the contrary, movement often creates more dynamic photos. In this lesson, we’ll show you how with the world-renowned wedding photographer Mike Larson on the beaches of Zingst, Germany.
Lesson 6
Hard-Direct = Soft
In portrait photography, it’s more difficult to work in the hard light of summer sun than in the soft light of a cloudy sky. We’ll show you how to take great photos in difficult light situations with selective shadowing.
Lesson 7
Frontal Fill Flash
Beginning with this lesson, the use of artificial light is added. Lesson 7 shows how to take better and more effective portraits with the built-in flash of a SLR and the right settings. Well worth watching!
Lesson 8
Indoor Camera Flash
From now on photographing will take place indoors. In this film, Dirk Wächter shows how to take impressive portraits despite using a flash by incorporating the surrounding light of the location without allowing the background to appear too dark and the subject overexposed.
Lesson 9
The Size of the Light Source
In this photo lesson you’ll learn about the difference and use of soft and hard light in portrait photography. The size of the light source also plays an important role.
Lesson 10
True Sided
This film is about design possibilities using sidelight. Sidelight is part of a lighting scheme that was developed in Hollywood by MGM Studios in the 1920’s. This scheme can still be found in modified forms in today’s photographic reference books.
Lesson 11
Butterfly Lighting
Film stars and models know that good lighting notably defines their faces. In this workshop, Oliver Rausch shows which kind of lighting Marlene Dietrich preferred and how to correctly position it.
Lesson 12
In this lesson, Steven van Veen demonstrates how to take interesting portraits with a Ringlight. The Ringlight has a very distinctive characteristic: various lighting effects can be created through small changes in light and model positioning.
Lesson 13
Faces with Character
Male portraits work differently from female portraits. That’s why this lesson shows how to define photographically the character of a male face.
Lesson 14
Skin Color Correction
Today, exceptional portrait photos can hardly ever do without digital retouching. Karsten Franke demonstrates in this film how to correct skin tones with Photoshop.
Lesson 15
Spot Removal Tool
Portrait photos can also be digitally retouched using Lightroom. In this lesson, Mike Le Gray shows how to retouch your photos successfully with Lightroom.
Lesson 16
Jean Baptiste Huynh
We want to close our lessons on portrait photography with three artist profiles. To start with, Jean Baptiste Huynh is a master of his trade and creates majestic portraits using only simple means. Watch him at work!
Lesson 17
Pierre Gonnord
Pierre Gonnord's subjects are not immaculate portraits, but rather simple shots of outsiders. His photos are often created with a single light bulb as light source.
Lesson 18
Andrzej Dragan
The young photo artist Andrzej Dragan produces impressive photos with very creative work in Photoshop.

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