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Portrait Styles

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The most often used photographic format is the "Portrait". That it is available in multiple types and styles as explained here in detail with historic examples.

Here we see a real hands-on examination of the the head study with tips on how to make the picture say more about you and your subject. Elke and Anne lead us through the variations of the head study portrait with explanations of the best angles and backgrounds to complement the subjects.

This is just a start to finding your own approach and adapting your own ideas.


Portrait Styles

subtitles are too fast

Portraits Styles

This is completely in German language. Of course with English sub-titles. The English sub-titles runs so fast that one could hardly catch-up. I wonder if the administrator could do something to improve it.

Portrait Styles

Agree. Subtitles are very fast.

way too fast. not only the

way too fast. not only the subtitles, the message itself. not sure what the message is. too many pictures.