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One Thousand films on FotoTV

September 16, 2010 - 08:30 — Britta Biederlack
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Cologne, Sept 14 2010
One Thousand films on FotoTV.

Today the official WebTV station on photography released its 1000th Film – a shooting with master Lucien Clergue.

The film program of the Cologne Internet portal has set another milestone with the release of their 1000th film. For this moment FotoTV’s film crew met with the photography legend, Lucien Clergue on a beach near Arles in the South of France. The artist, best known for his nude photographs and his portraits of Picasso, was shooting model Natalia for his well-known nude portfolio.

“Nudes in water is a theme for me that has practically followed me my entire life”, says Clergue. “The motifs are a recurring inspiration for me every time and I hope that connection will be well apparent in this film. I’ve been working with Natalia for years. We have created wonderful, stunning images together, and I can’t wait until our next shooting together.”

With their 1000th film FotoTV has succeeded in bringing one of photography’s masters before its lens and to accompany him on one of his shootings. During the film and interview Clergue describes the composition of his images, as well as giving us an inside look while reflecting on his personal relationship to the Camargue, in southern France.

“Shootings such as this one with Lucien Clergue, belong to the many highlights of our work”, says executive director and FotoTV founder Marc Ludwig. “To document and witness for our viewers how the actual photographic image is created and to share information as a part of photographic history today are examples of how fortunate we are to be able to do what we do."

The foundation of FotoTV is Stellar Attractions Film Production, which is responsible for the realization of the majority of films in the FotoTV library program. Currently 1000 educational videos and culture films comprise the core of and With it’s collection FotoTV is that world’s biggest WebTV/InternetTV on photography. Every video demonstrates through an expert photographer, a technique, a new concept, a different perspective, or post productions tips. A selection of these videos can be viewed for free upon registration but the rest of the collection is available for a small fee.

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About Lucien Clergue:

FotoTV, the largest WebTV about photography, is the official TV partner for photokina

July 1, 2010 - 21:07 — Uma

Cologne, July 1st 2010

FotoTV, the world’s largest WebTV about photography, is the official TV partner for photokina 2010.

During the photokina fair in September this year, FotoTV will produce photokinaTV – a news broadcast in the form of online video/films. This news broadcast will feature product highlights, latest trends in imaging and photography at photokina, interviews with exhibitors and visitors, the day’s highlights and other related reportage on photokina live from the venue.

Visitors to the fair can watch the live production of this news show at photokina. FotoTV will produce these news broadcasts in a glass studio located in one of the most prominent parts of the fair. The news broadcast will then be showcased on the photokina website, the FotoTV websites and the most popular video and photography portals.

Relying on the expertise of FotoTV for these news broadcasts, the world’s leading fair for photography and imaging has announced this partnership with the tagline “photokinaTV – powered by FotoTV”. ‘This program is a great chance for exhibitors to enhance their social media strategy as it offers them a reach much beyond the fair itself ‘says Marc Ludwig, Founder of FotoTV.

Having produced close to 1000 videos/films on and, the Cologne based company remains a pioneer in internet based broadcasting. Besides workshops and expert films on photography, FotoTV has a special focus on photography as an art, interviews with master photographers and reportages on photo events.

FotoTV.News launched in 2009, is a free news broadcast about new developments in the worldwide photography scene. Another recent addition on FotoTV is FotoTV.Tech, a program that focuses on technology related aspects of photography. The program includes product reviews, expert comments and tips on new software, equipment and products.  

With a video archive of close to 1000 films, FotoTV remains the world’s largest WebTV about photography. It’s a website for avid photographers – amateurs and semi professionals, to expand their knowledge on photography. Registered users can watch 20 of these films for free. Subscribers can get unlimited access to all the films in FotoTV, including two new films released every week by paying a nominal subscription fee. FotoTV was founded in 2007 as a German language website ( The English language website was launched in the latter half of 2008. FotoTV has close to 50,000 users as of date.  


Uma Muthuraaman

Tel +49 221 222 3722

FotoTV./Stellar Attractions GmbH & Co. KG

Gottfried-Hagen-Str. 30

D-51105 Köln

With the release of its 200th video, FotoTV remains unrivaled

June 10, 2010 - 08:27 — Uma

FotoTV - the WebTV about photography released its 200th video online last month. This release further confirms the steady and rapid growth of, the company’s English website, which was founded two years ago. FotoTV subscribers can access these videos anytime and as often as they want on this website. The two new videos per week in addition to the existing collection make FotoTV unrivaled in online video-based photography learning. The Founder of FotoTV, Marc Ludwig adds, ‘There are many websites offering text based information and instruction to photographers, but very few that combine the visual power of videos with the reach of the internet and amongst those, FotoTV is surely a pioneer. The 200th video on the English website is further proof that we are the world's largest WebTV about photography’.

Recently, the company also announced a successful upgrade and migration to a new and improved back-end to its website. This technical upgrade was made necessary by the growth in the number of users. Some additional features included as a part of this upgrade are better connectivity to social media and podcasts, a watch list of favorite films, and the possibility to share personal interests in photography with other users. A user can also rate individual videos as a way of providing easy feedback.

About FotoTV:                                 

FotoTV is that world’s biggest WebTV/InternetTV on photography, a huge collection of videos on all aspects of photography. Every video demonstrates through an expert photographer, a technique, a new concept, a different perspective, or post productions tips. The videos are based on the principle of “Learn by watching the Experts” through videos on the Internet – a hugely popular trend nowadays. A selection of these videos can be viewed for free upon registration but the rest of the collection is available at 49.95 Euros (or 69.95 USD) per annum.

FotoTV - A place to be for every photographer

April 15, 2010 - 13:33 — Uma Gupta

A place to be for ever photographer -

Cologne, Germany
Monday, 05 April 2010

FotoTV releases 150th video

December 18, 2009 - 12:51 — Uma Gupta

16th Dec 2009, Cologne P R E S S R E L E A S E The InternetTV about photography - FotoTV, has today released its 150th video online at FotoTV has a vast collection of videos about all aspects of photography including photography techniques, interviews with famous photographers, editing tutorials and more. It adds two new videos every week to this collection. 15 of these videos can be viewed for free upon registration. FotoTV's stock of videos together with the new videos added weekly, helps it retain its position as world's largest InternetTV about photography.

FotoTV launches News Show about Photography

December 18, 2009 - 12:44 — Uma

Cologne 8th Dec 2009 FotoTV, the world's largest InternetTV about Photography has released a first of its kind news show about photography. The first editionof this news show called FotoTV.News has been released today. It presents news clips, events, interviews, exhibitions, portfolios, surf tips and many such more for avid photographers worldwide. It also provides a quick look at upcoming programs on

FotoTV wins the German IPTV Award

December 18, 2009 - 12:02 — Uma

Cologne 27th November 2009 The InternetTV for photography, FotoTVhas won the third German IPTV Award in the category of 'Best Business model'. The Founder and CEO of FotoTV Marc Ludwig, received the Award in person yesterday, at the Awards Ceremony in Berlin. The German IPTV Awards started three years ago, honors innovative and successful businesses in the IPTV segment. FotoTV being one of the winners of this year disproves the popular belief that paid content in the Internet does not work.

FotoTV, the largest online archive of films about photography of its kind, launches its English site

September 19, 2008 - 13:17 — Marc Ludwig

Cologne, September 19th, 2008, a website showing films about all facets of photography from the technical to the artistic, is launching its English site

The unique WebTV site, catering to both knowledgeable professionals and photo enthusiasts, presents a broad range of filmed material via an interesting mixture of web based workshops, tutorials and interviews. Acclaimed photographers Nobuyoshi Araki, Elliot Erwitt and Ed Ruscha are some of the enticing personalities presented in the filmed material.