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Rembrandt Lighting 1

Tutorial with Oliver Rausch

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A real treat here from our resident Dutch Master Oliver Rausch exposing in a positive light the many advantages of the Rembrandt lighting. Oliver Rausch working from the Photo School Cologne on the Rhine has provided an in-depth view of the lighting required to produce this famous flattering light technique.

The accent is on placing the light to define the shadow regions and their importance to delineate the leading lines that draw the viewer in to the picture. There are many pitfalls to avoid and some common myths are also dispelled.

Besides the technical exercise we are also presented with the aesthetic approach taken by the masters to reflect the character of their subjects and to place them in the best possible light. Oliver brings his experience and his knowledge demonstrating this technique as a no compromise lighting that works right every time if done correctly.

He also examines how form repetition helps accentuate and define the character motifs that this lighting is intended to bring out in the subjects. An altogether illuminating treatise of one master by another! Thanks Oliver!