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Technical requirements

FotoTV is a very demanding site. In order to make sure your operating system meets the requirements, you can test the most important functions here.

We recommend a bandwidth of 600kbits/s. You can test your current bandwidth on the following external website. With a bandwidth of less of 600kbits/s, the videos may be slow or skip: this impairs the enjoyment of watching videos so much, that we recommend not using them.

Further tests will be run automatically. The results are found below, along with instructions should any adjustments need to be carried out in order to view FotoTV.

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Unfortunately one or more requirements for the correct display of the FotoTV Homepage are not met. They are marked in red above. There you find links to explanations on how to configure your Internet Browser. If you can't solve the problems, check out our Help Forum or the Tech FAQ (Frequently asked questions) page.