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Richard Kalvar

Earthlings in Paris

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Richard Kalvar is an American Photographer and Magnum member since 1975. He has served as vice-president and president of this legendary photo agency.

"Kalvar's photographs are marked by a strong homogeneity of aesthetic and theme. His images frequently play on a discrepancy between the banality of a real situation and a feeling of strangeness that emerges from a particular choice of timing and framing. The result is a state of tension between two levels of interpretation, attenuated by a touch of humor." (Magnum homepage).

During the show presenting his current publication “Earthlings” in Paris, we had the chance to film this interview with him.


How he interprets feedback

What I find particularly interesting is how he is interpreting feedback from viewers and critics. I think there's a lifetime of wisdom in how he is dealing with that. I wish you good light! -- Michael Blog: Beauty Photography Instruction