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Richard Kalvar on the Streets

A FotoTV.Tech Report

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FotoTV has developed FotoTV-Tech, a forum within the FotoTV platform dedicated to covering all photography related topics such as, prominent photographers, camera hardware, software services and products. For this further installment of FotoTV Tech founder Marc Ludwig speaks with legendary Magnum photographer, Richard Kalvar to discuss his work and technique.

Kalvar, a member of Magnum since the 1970’s, is a classic, black & white street photographer uses Kodak tri-x film, “for the unbelievable grain and rich grey tones”, he boasts. Although he considers the term “street-photography” to be anywhere from a bar or restaurant, to a visit to someone’s house, his photographs always reveal an intimate and most likely, a humorous setting.

Kalvar has an exceptional eye and a talent for catching unexpected moments between human interactions, be it two people arguing or talking on the street or two grown men dressed as daisies. He shares numerous techniques and gives guidelines on how photographers can best make themselves “invisible” when photographing on the street. One interesting story Kalvar shares is that of being accosted on the street during shooting for FotoTV and he also gives valuable tips on how photographers can make the best of almost any situation. Kalvar also talks about his latest project “Earthlings”, a photo book that showcases the best of his work throughout his extensive career.


Richard Kalvar

Interesting interview. It would be nice if some more pictures could have been showed in the movie. Otherwise you get the idea how it is on the street, looking for people and situations. You don't just make your lucky shot, but have to be prepared in some way.

I saw the interview and I

I saw the interview and I have felt very much informative. There were many topics discussed in the interview. I have got a wonderful opportunity to know more about many factors regarding real photography. I am very grateful to FotoTV for giving such an opportunity.