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Brilliant Eyes with Steven van Veen

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Steven Van Veen shows us how to make interesting portrait pictures with a ringlight.

A ringlight is a round neonlight and has a special light characteristic: It doesn't emit much light, so you can make open aperture shots.

With little changes in the position of the model and the ringlight you can change the results:

- change the size of the ring reflex on the eye by moving the model towards or away from the light.

- change the shadow sutrrounding the model by moving the model and the light away from the background.


Great video!

Is this the first comment here on Great! The video is very informative and shows how to take great photos with a special "eye-effect"! Something, I always wanted to know. Now everybody is able to create his own magazine cover! Best wishes, Merlin

Brilliant light and a brilliant video

The photographs and the model are really stunning. It's a brilliant idea to let him speak through the ringlight. Really like that one. I'll have to purchase one of these in future... I wish you all the best with the new Best regards Sebastian

How much does it cost? Stores and shops?

You normally can puchase a ringlight for about 100 Euros or less. You can find some links at the GERMAN website of FotoTV(.de). It would be great to have some links for the US, UK or other shops and local stores around the world.

How much does it cost? Stores and shops?

Indeed, i've thought about making one, but 100 EUROS is a bargain. Need a link though, i've googled my ass of looking for these before.. A german site is ok, as long as they ship to the rest of europe, and answer emails in english.. :)

Interesting. I recently

Interesting. I recently wondered about some octagonal lights in subjects eyes. Must have been something like this. Appreciated shutter speed and f-stop info. as well as distances from background. Thanks, NJC

ringlight link?

love the flexibility of this light, anybody had any luck finding a link to this ringlight?


This is one of my personal favourites. If you have ever worked with a ringlight you don't want to miss it anymore. IF you have links where this can be bought in your country, please post them as well as any comments on how you use ringlights!

You're a pro photographer?

And nobody told you or in your experience you didn't realize that when you're shooting so close to the face you distort the nose (it looks quite big and ugly).

ring light link

any other link available for me to get this ring light ? i dont understand german.thanks.

Ring Light

I have that ring light and I love it... I use it in combination with speedlights with filters and grids... check some of my work at in the section of fashion I and II This is a very good tutorial.

I really loved this site and

I really loved this site and the help they are providing to the people who are trying to make photography as their profession. Unlike form other similar sites, apart from the tutorials, you are also providing ideas and expert suggestions which are so handy.