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Sandro Santioli

Colors of the World

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Today, photographer Sandro Santoli shares some of his most emotional work of Tuscany, as well as incredible photographs from his studio of locations shot around the world.

Color and landscape always went hand and hand for Santoli; his richly detailed photographs of Tuscan and Bolivia are full of great passion. Whether climbing mountains to reach a volcano or photographing in Iceland during gale force winds, Santoli manages to always put a personal touch to his work, form and color are his signature styles.

Most interesting are the photographs he shows of the Namibian Desert. Each photograph a scene connecting the landscapes and color in harmony. Santoli takes photos mostly in the places he would like to travel to. But the individual shots represent a moment in time that cannot be repeated and for Santoli it always about the play between photography, emotion and passion.

Santoli continues to work out of the studio where he produced his first work and he still oversees all processes involved in postproduction, such as selecting the images that are to be sent to his clients or to the agency which heads the worldwide distribution of his work.