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Shine on You Gleaming Skin

Nude Photography With Oil

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In this film, photographer Steven van Veen gives us effective tips and techniques on how to improve and enhance nude photography shoots using oil to create lovely shimmering skin tones on models. Van Veen carefully explains and demonstrates how oil works exceptionally well to bring out the contours of the body and provide a means to bring out the body’s curvilinear highlights. Primarily, nude photography is striving for a look that is natural, and mostly has a look that it has not been posed for at all. Comfort for the model is essential not just physical comfort, though that is important, but mental comfort, the model must be able to understand the concept behind what you are trying to do so that she can co-operate. You have to take the time to explain the techniques of flattering compositions, and to let her periodically view the test shots, but equally the model has to work on being fluid and graceful in these motions. To keep the model comfortable on a nude shoot van Veen stays keen on having the model apply the oil to herself, or if there is a make-up artist on the shoot, to have her assist the model. He furthermore goes on to discuss correct positioning of the studio lights, as well as the most important areas for the model to apply oil to. He emphasizes using the right amount of oil, saying, "It's best to start with just a bit and they can always add more". It is clear that van Veen is a master of numerous photography techniques, but he is equally highly skilled when working with his models to bring out that special moment when everything joins perfectly, working together in harmony; lighting, model and photography. Based out of his studio in Schwanau, Germany, van Veen has worked for a multitude of clients in television, advertising, periodicals, fashion and media. He also leads his own workshops for fellow photographers. One of his projects most recently includes „Shooting with Janina Wissler“ at the four-star "Hotel Ritter" in Durbach.



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... then add one spoon of oil...

Less is more - very good advice. Thanks for the film. However, when I tried applying oil to certain bodyparts only, I did not like the visible stains. So I guess I'll stick with using oil or powders like Hollywood Glow on the whole body (except face). I ask my models to bring along their own body oil if they have one, because I guess that their own brand is the one that they are most comfortable with. I wish you good light! -- Michael