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Shooting at the Beach

Photography Tutorial with Mike Larson

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In this “How To” tutorial, photographer Mike Larson gives us tips on the basics of shooting on the beach while on location at beautiful Zingst beach in Germany.

One of the methods Larson uses while shooting couples with a long lens at the beach is a Bluetooth device used to communicate via speaker cell phone with models at a distance. There is no need to shout at your models or carry walkie-talkies. This is definitely a useful tool when shooting at the beach.

Another important tip demonstrated by Larson is how to interact, motivate and direct models. Often models will become bored when a photographer tells them to just “smile.” Larson remedies that from happening in that he creates a little scene for his model to think about before beginning the shot. For instance, he tells his model Sarah to think about being on the catwalk with all eyes on her as she struts her stuff, walking toward the camera. And without a doubt the quirkiest highlight is when he tells her to “Do a 360.” Priceless! And the natural movement captured in the shot is a perfect example of shooting risky to get a great shot. This is definitely a great video for every type of photography style.


Communication is IT!

Very interesting that communication seems to be at the utmost importance for Larson. It seems to be one of the things that enables him to make the excellent photos that he usually produces. Good light! -- Michael

His phone trick is good

Enjoyed this video. His tip regarding the phone is very good. I'm going to use it in my next photo shoot.

Mike Larson

I've met him in person and he's really working like that... it really was a pleasure... to be part of one of his shoots... but seriously Mike... I would never through my camera up in the air... you asked me why... damn I should have asked you... to let me through yours... but one day... you have to let me through yours... after I've found a good insurance company... Make sure to check out his website and wedding pictures... great stuff.

very professional

I am new to this, I am entering in product photography so I never thought about photography in the beach, but the whole explanation and setting looks very serious and professional, I am impressed. Thanks a lot for such a good video!

now ... that's a professional photographer

Good point about the leadership...

Very nice Photographic Tips

Very interesting I like the Part About Leadership. and Building Confident

nice video

i am inspired by this video! Thanks for the really smart Tips!

great tip for use of mobiles...

...on location it is sometimes difficult to comunicate with your model, so the hint about using a small headset on his end and the phone's speaker at the model's end is very clever. thanks for that. Very professional and straigt forward attitute to lead the model to perform a natural but photogenic move and look. Great tutorial.

hat people

another guy wearing a hat. I am starting to think I need to get one as well to become pro:) Video is infromative. Good light to everybody

I really enjoyed the

I really enjoyed the tutorial. I agree with the fact that usually the most amazing and priceless photographs are produced when they are clicked without making the models pose as per the instructions. Mike does know how to make use of his models without making them bored.