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Shooting Performance

Learn about Performance from Mike Larson

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If you want to make your own photography business grow, listen to photographer Mike Larson who talks about the performance while shooting in this video.

Mike Larson is a successfull estate and vineyard wedding photographer from California. He can pull upon several years of experience in how to work with your clients.

In this video Mike Larson shares some useful advise on how to perform while shooting. He is of the opinion, that photography is a performance-based industry which means that your clients will take your performance into account when evaluating your photosession.

This video was taken on the same day as the video Character Marketing by Mike Larson and is therefore pretty similar in doing. There are few pictures but meanwhile even more advise on how to market yourself than in Mike Larson's other videos.

So enjoy this video and learn everything important about character marketing from photographer Mike Larson.