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Shooting with Modelling Light

A Sensual Lightsetting by Steven van Veen

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In this film, photographer Steven van Veen delivers once again, another spectacular sensual shoot. Specializing in erotic photographic scenes, van Veen gives FotoTV viewers an effective and satisfying demonstration, including tips and techniques on how to effectively photograph a sensual light setting by simply using the modeling light from a beauty dish flash.

Three most important characteristics of van Veen's shooting this time are, soft sensual lighting, unsharpness within and surrounding the image and specifically the model's poses, collectively producing a sleek and sensual image. Ironically, it is the implementation of the modeling light of the beauty dish that enhances the erotic quality of van Veen's image. The highly aesthetic results are likened to those of a complex classical painting as opposed to a simple digital photograph. His attention to detail and skillful play with light, texture, tones and lines are without fail and excitingly beautiful.

Based out of his studio in Schwanau, Germany, Van Veen has worked for a multitude of clients in television, advertising, periodicals, fashion and media. He also leads his own workshops for fellow photographers as well as being a regular contributor for FotoTV.


This film is bringing it all together

Awesome! What I really like about this film is, that van Veen is bringing all the elements of sensuality together. He's talking about the light, the DoF and the pose and he is tying it up very nicely. I wish you good light! -- Michael



I'm always...

learning something from you Steven. I'm more of an available light photographer... but I think I have to try that one in my small studio. It would be interesting to try this outside the studio... in a bedroom for example. But I like your results... and again a nice model... with the right look for the shoot. More videos like that!

i went to know

am went to be profectional photography


i highly impress with u r work


Veen awsome, good job


Most impressive tutorial, i learned a lot, thanks


Work nice!!

La modelo esta exelente, pero

La modelo esta exelente, pero considero que faltó luz en el pelo para darle mas Glamour y belleza Jorge


All aspects are all very clearly discussed. The very thing i like much with Van Veen is his gentle dealing and tactful to his model. More power to you.


i am really impressed! you've explained it nicely!

great... Steven sums up everything that adds to the desired look. Pose, light, camerasettings... well done! More van Veen films please ;)

thank you

thank you

Great video!

Very good information, so glad I found this site. I was also amazed at how the model kept modeling and posing naturally even when he was not taking photos of her. She's very good. Very well done. Very informative video.

thank you

well done Steven Markus

It is so simple!

.... and a wonderfull idea! making available light photos with the studio flashes....without flashing! it opens a new word of possibilitys!

Shooting under artificial

Shooting under artificial lights is a hard job, if you don’t have much idea about using the lights. Lights should be placed at the right positions in order to highlight the subject. There are also techniques which would give you sharp shadows and soft shadows, which are also to be taken care of.