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Small Model in Wide Scenery

Composition with Bert Stephani

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Bert Stephani and his model Jennifer are back in the Belgian countryside. This time Bert dares something unusual:
In portrait photography, whether in studio or outdoors, the model should play the central role in the picture. Usually photographers work with short distances and blurred backgrounds. Bert does it differently: he combines portrait and landscape photography in such a way that the model becomes part of the landscape and still stands out.
This is not an easy photographic exercise. On one hand the model should be noticed by the viewer, on the other hand she should not fall out of the picture. The photographer has to consider many things at the same time: eye-catching poses are important to make the small model visible in the wide landscape.
Visual accent, lighting, colors, lines and shapes are all important elements of a picture. Even experienced professionals like Bert have to look out for these.