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Some Tools for Romantic Looks

Creating Effects with Prisms and Biconfex Lenses

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The Wedding photographer is always looking for new and interesting ways to add dimension to their offerings. The typical approach is all well and good and is of course why we have wedding picture. Therefore it is always welcome a new trick or gimmick that will sell more photos.

The static bridal pair pictures can be improved upon with a little well...ambience. Hendrick Niermann is here to demonstrate just a few ways to do just that. With easily obtainable optic refraction tools that are less than one fourth the cost of a new lens you can add this "little something" .

A prism is a way of changing the light direction and controlled flare that will seem ambient and moody. We see in this demonstration how quickly this will spice up a picture. And that's not the only way of controlling the light. Another nifty gimmick at a minimum investment is using a simple biconvex lens,.. hand held.

Here besides a close focus macro effect you can also amplify the light effects to create a dreamy atmosphere that well.. is not really there.

It is all literally up to your imagination. So please tune-in and see how to expand your creative spirit.