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The Spot Removal Tool

Lightroom Tutorial with Mike Le Gray

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Bonn-based photographer and trainer, Mike Le Gray, takes us through the paces with the Spot Removal tool in Adobe® Photoshop® Lightroom® and also demonstrates how to create Virtual Copies of our photos.

He shows us that this tool is more than just something to remove dust spots on our photos and explains that not only is it a great tool for retouching your model's skin, but emphasises that as we're working on RAW images, the edits we make are completely non-destructive.

So, join Mike and see how you can incorporate this tool into your retouching workflow.


excellent tool

The spot removal tool is just an awesome thing. In Photoshop it is difficult to remove the spots. If it is removed, it will not be perfect. I think the tool you have mentioned here will work awesome. Let me try and will give you feedback.