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Steve Thornton

The Model and The Cowboy

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Atlanta, Georgia native photographer, Steve Thornton began his photographic career, self-taught after receiving a camera for Christmas when he was 12 years old. In this film, Thornton discusses a wide array of technical themes from silk light diffusers, reflectors, exposures, focus and most important of all, the believability of photography.

Other informative topics that stand out throughout this film are: Models and directing them Lighting and understanding it Locations and how to pick the right ones Cowboys and how to photograph them Cost effective shooting for your clients Thornton’s multitude of information in this film is invaluable to amateur and professional photographers alike.

Even today, he still continues on his prolific quest of providing not only some of the best quality images in the industry, but as well, creating spectacular and eye-catching photos that are not just artistic images, but emotional experiences for everyone to enjoy.

Thornton is a leading international fashion, beauty, lifestyle, cowboy, travel and resort photographers. He has photographed numerous national and international ads, along with feature editorials for celebrated magazines in the Unites States, Milan, Italy and Paris, France. These renowned magazines included “Vogue, Zeffrio, Marie France, Teen, Seventeen, Modern Bride, Your Prom, Bride’s, Cowboys and Indians, American Cowboy, Western and English and Western Horsemen”. He travels on assignment an average of 175 days a year, he has been in 47 of the 50 states and 11 countries.

Success seems to come easy to Thornton. Maybe because followed these simple rules. As Thornton has once quoted:

“Concentrate on editorials. Instead of shooting things that look like ads, shoot things that tell a story. Use the same models, and have variations on themes for settings and outfits. Getting work in magazines is the best way for photographers to get noticed, and then picked up for the ad work”.

“Aim for the top. Don’t be afraid to send your work into the big fashion magazines, like Vogue and W. If it’s cool, they’ll print it. So, go for it! You won’t get turned down out of hand”.

“Never be totally satisfied with your work. It’s important to stay on top of your game by always learning. If you’re not learning, you’re dead in the water. Do research. Look through magazines, pick out great images, see who is doing it, and learn how it’s done. Invent things, and re-invent yourself”.

Thornton’s work speaks a beautiful language; a language that his clients and fellow photographers clearly understand and appreciate.


great help!

great help!

good movie

Easy things to do, great ideas, but you have to remember in the right situation. Not to look in the easy. Thanks for these tips.