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The Story Behind the People

Interview with Martin Vrabko

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In this FotoTV interview, photographer Martin Vrabko sits down to share poignant stories and to discuss the methods behind his working with people for portraits.

Ninety percent of Vrabko’s work is shooting people. He likes to change up shooting in studio and on location. He rarely shoots in the same studio for more than a few years because he feels that the studio becomes monotonous and predictable. Vrabko focuses on the human side of photography as opposed to the commercial way a lot of photographers shoot people - “like one, two, smile”. There is a visible psychological side to his photography, which Vrabko likes to associate with the feeling and flow of water. He also uses music during his shootings to change the moods of his subjects.

Vrabko uses large format cameras because often there are effects that he cannot recreate in post-production software. He can make things blurry in post-production but he cannot make things sharp. Concentrating on the human being in the photo is something Vrabko likes to pride himself on. It is a way for him to get close to the people he is shooting as well as make a connection to the viewer.


Good people skills

I would say that his style is very good and his approach to photography is very artistic