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Mike Larson about Making up a Story

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A picture says more than a thousand words, and that is just what Mike Larson wants to adhere to.

Telling a proper story with a series of photographs requires to determine a theme as well as the right handling with the models on location. To plan and implement a shooting in a more unusual manner will result in images that stand out from the ordinary. Larson prefers a tilt-shift lens for this purpose, which lets him experiment with depth of field to deliberately stress certain areas of a picture.


Good ideas

Shows some ideas of how to make a shooting different. It's not a technical video. It's more of how to deal with people and situations.

the essence of a good shoot with a couple

Mike Larson at his best, to make a couple confident and both proud of the shoot. I liked best that he is looking specifically at the male "feel good factor". This is very helpful. Until I saw this tutorial I always guessed what kind of t/s lens he is using, but here he mentioned not only the one he is using but also why, and how. great stuff. I would have loved to see the final story, like a slideshow. Some of the shots we've seen were critical in my eyes concerning distracting lines, so to see the final result and the edited product would have been a plus. Grand tutorial as always. Mike has such a talent to spread his wisdom and ideas, which help others to improve their work. Thanks for producing such video tutorial, Best Ernst