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Susan Meiselas

Carrying the Past, Forward

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American Magnum photographer Susan Meiselas guides through her exhibition "Carrying the Past, Forward".
Meiselas is known for her visual storytelling in documentary style. Her photographs are often mixed with other media, for example interviews or handmade books. She has received numerous awards for her artistic work.
"Carrying the Past, Forward" deals with the issue of migration in the 70s, 80s and 90s. In her major works "Crossings" and "Kurdistan: In the Shadow of History", which are combined in the exhibition, Meiselas inspects the movement of refugees in Central America and the Middle East. She illuminates the individual lives of those who had to leave their homes and lost their loved ones due to political circumstances.
In the face of today's current affairs Susan's works are as topical as ever. They happened in other places and by different causes, but the needs of the people are exactly the same.