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Aperture Smart Albums

Runtime - length of the film: 16m35s
Language: english
Skill level:


Apple's Aperture is Adobe Photoshop Lightroom's biggest competitor when it comes to processing, storing and cataloguing your photos. Many, if not all, of you are aware of just how tedious and time-consuming cataloguing can be, but have you ever tried using 'Smart Albums'? If not, you may well be surprised at how these automated albums can not only save you from having to put all of your images into separate folders, but also from making mistakes whilst performing the task.

Photographer and trainer, Mike Le Gray, introduces us to these extremely powerful tools and explains just how they can help to ease the seemingly endless categorising and organising that seems to take up so much of our time. We learn how to avoid having to run specific filters when looking for photos that match certain criteria, and then how we can insert them into individual projects, thereby working with only those images as opposed to the whole library.

Importing Pictures Into Aperture

Runtime - length of the film: 16m20s
Language: english
Skill level:


In the second of a series delving into the wondrous world of Apple's Aperture 3, we accompany Mike Le Gray as he shows us the first steps, by introducing us to the Import dialog box.

We learn how to insert metadata, including copyright and location information, as well as how to save to new projects. He shows how to create a new library, which is faster than a new catalog in Lightroom, as the program doesn't need to restart. We discover how to select only certain shots, shots locked in-camera and even how to exclude certain types of files, such as video and audio.

As if that wasn't enough, we go through how to apply development presets at the point of import, how to automatically create a backup of your files to a different drive and finally, how to edit the name after importing, in the Metadata panel and how to apply the Auto Enhance preset.

The Auto Settings in Aperture

Runtime - length of the film: 8m00s
Language: english
Skill level:
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Fantastic Results From Apple Aperture 3!

In this tutorial, Mike Le Gray illustrates how, using some very basic settings, to get amazing results in Apple's® popular Aperture® 3 program.

Although best suited to processing RAW files, it still offers great flexibility for JPEG shooters. Here we see how easy and quick it is to get excellent, natural-looking results with just a few mouse clicks. We'll cover exposure, curves and levels, and even take a look at a couple of channel settings. This simple set of instructions will get you either to a finished image, or at least to a great starting point, should you wish to take the photo out to Adobe® Photoshop®, or similar.

After finishing watching this video, check back here regularly to see more tutorials on this superb piece of editing and cataloguing software.