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Color Control Points in Capture NX2

Runtime - length of the film: 14m28s
Language: english
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Trainer, Mike Le Gray, shows us one of the major features of Nikon's flagship image editing software, Capture NX2. This powerful software boasts, as standard, NIK Software's well-known U-Point technology, allowing us to make adjustments to our photos, without having to resort to complex selections and masks. If you've ever used NIK's Color Efex Pro, you'll be familiar with the technology, however the benefit here is that it's not an expensive plug-in, but an integral part of the program.

In this first look at Capture NX2, he introduces us to the Color Control Point. If you want to change the color of anything in your photo, simply place a Color Control Point on it and use the sliders to tweak Brightness, Contrast and Saturation. Sounds simple, doesn't it? Well, it is!

Even those of you shooting brands other than Nikon can benefit, as the software will process not only Nikon's proprietary RAW format (NEF) files, but also TIFF and JPEG files, so he encourages us to download a copy of the 30-day demo, if only to give it a try; he promises you'll love the ease and speed you can make seemingly complex changes simply and in a flash!