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The Smudge Tool

Runtime - length of the film: 6m14s
Language: english
Skill level:
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Kate explains in this video what to do to create a painted and unrealistic look for your images by editing the hair, fur and clothes in your picture.

She uses three different photos to explain and show the effect on clothes and fur. She shows how the smudging tool can be used to smoothen out the details and make it look like the image was created with oil paint and not photography.

Smoke on the Water

Runtime - length of the film: 11m20s
Language: english
Skill level:


Again, Carsten Simon and the other guys from the german studioCOMMUNITY make huge efforts: They visualizes Deep Purple's famous song "Smoke On The Water".

The set is built in only one minute - just using a wooden strip and a plane they construct a mirroring water surface on which the model is seated.

The model is surrounded by white damp, produced by a fog machine. In order to send out the damp very flat, it's getting freezed.

A beautyidsh and some effect lights brighten the fog up und emphasizes the contours of the model's body.