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Speedlite With Umbrella

Runtime - length of the film: 14m39s
Language: english
Skill level:


It's time for another FotoTV. shooting video with Bert Stephani and his model Swetlana. Again the topic of this video is the imitation of the location's ambient light by using handy equipment.

In this movie Bert demonstrates the options of a small umbrella in combination with one single speedlite. The results of this simple setup are very similar to what you can achieve with extensive studio lighting.

But in order to control the small umbrella in a shooting you have to know several things.

Using the Pop-up Flash

Runtime - length of the film: 10m28s
Language: english
Skill level:
Related films:


In this workshop with Martin Krolop, Krolop will discuss and demonstrate how to make the best photos using a pop-up flash pre-installed on a camera.

The pop-up flash has the reputation of ruing photos because of the position in which one shoots with it. Mainly people are photographed vertically because they look better lengthwise and the face comes out better. But when shooting with a pop-up flash ugly asymmetrical shadows appear and it makes the photos look amateurish and unprofessional and as if the photo is lit from below.

Krolop show viewers several tips how to remedy the ugly side lighting that comes from using a pop-up flash. He simply shoots horizontally and crops off the image from both left and right sides. He also adds contrast by changing the settings on the camera to monochrome and adjusting the flash to overexpose the areas he would like to be burnt out. All this trickery makes a professional looking photo. Just by changing a few settings and shooting horizontally the photos come out looking like high-end photography.