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Microstock Photography


For this episode of FotoTV Tech, Marc Ludwig has invited Shutterstock CEO Adam Riggs to discuss the stock photography platform and current trend of Microstock photography, as well as the future of Shutterstock photography. Riggs explains that Microstock photography is an offshoot of traditional stock photography.

Shutterstock sources their images almost exclusively via the Internet, from a wide range of photographers from amateurs, hobbyists, semi-professional and professional photographers, who are willing to sell there images at a very low rate, but at a very high volume per image. “The Microstock industry offers a wider variety of images, making it easier for the photographers to sell many of their images and easier for clients to find the right image”, Riggs says. There are a few guidelines that Riggs mentions which are important when trying to be a successful Shutterstock photographer.

Most important is to submit images that have broad appeal. Images that can have many meanings or interpretations usually sell well and clients from many different industries find practical usage for such images. Riggs recommends using an SLR digital camera as cameras and camera equipment is so advanced and inexpensive that almost anyone can afford it and produce quality stock imagery.

As for the future, Riggs sees the stock film footage trend growing the most, being very useful for graphic designers and interactive artists. Shutterstock Footage offers royalty-free video content with a library of over 145,000 video clips.