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photokinaTV - New Sigma Lenses

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The camera market is undergoing big developments. High performance sensors of up to 36 Megapixels pose a big challenge to the quality of lenses, that need to deliver the resolutions needed by the sensors.

The CEO of Sigma, Kazuto Yamaki (bitte Schreibweise vergleichen) has foreseen these developments and decided that he wants to address them by drawing on the strength of his company. As a Japanese manufacturer
he believes Sigma should not try to offer cheap alternatives to other lenses but rather move up to the high end of the market where he wants to offer high performance products. In the show he gives a first glimpse at 3 lenses that are organised into 3 new product ranges.

One of them is a 35mm 'Art Line' lens that sets new standards in chromatic aberration performance. Furthermore we can have a look at a USB dock for lenses that let Sigma lens users tweak their lenses to their own need via a software.

Be prepared for a visionary look into the future of lens technology!