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Microstock Photography

Runtime - length of the film: 17m10s
Skill level:
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Members of met in Berlin to learn from the famous microstock photographer Yuri Arcurs how “to shoot images that sell”.

Yuri Arcurs professionell career as a microstock photographer has started three years ago with pictures of his girlfriend Cecile, who is now one of his most selling models.

We have visited this workshop for you and in this movie Yuri will introduce his way of microstock photography.


Ihrings Homestudio 4

237 teaser gr.jpg
Runtime - length of the film: 11m22s
Skill level:


In the fourth part of the homestudio series, Lars Ihring shows us which lighting effects can be achived with multiple light sources.

In order to receive best results, he shows us additionally, what should be considered during the exposure measurement.

Ihrings Homestudio 3

236 teaser gr.jpg
Runtime - length of the film: 18m12s
Skill level:


In this third part of our series, Lars Ihing demonstrates effects in low-key nude photography you can create using flood lights.

You will learn how to work with just one light, how to use that light for hard lighting and how to soften it. Different forms of diffusors are discussed. Finally, there's a neat trick involving a rescue blanket...

Check it out!

Ihrings Homestudio 2

235 teaser gr.jpg
Runtime - length of the film: 15m32s
Skill level:


In the second part of the series, Low-key Nude Photography, Lars 'Larry' Ihring shows you how to work with flood lights. Other topics such as white balance, choice of lenses, exposure settings and much more are covered in this film.