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The Art of not Pushing the Button

Frank Horvat on Sensible Photography

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Frank Horvat explained his quote "Photography is the art of not pushing the button" in this way: "If someone photographs it is constantly a negative decision: Today the weather is too bad, I won't use a tele ... The difficult thing is to do it as little as possible. The mystical answer would be that a certain force is accumulated through this non-shooting photos. This is a bit like tantric sex." (German fotoMagazin 06/2012)
This attitude is the result of 50 years of photographic experience. The Italian came to international prominence as photojournalist and fashion photographer. However, he says that he was never a fashion photographer. Horvat was too shy for this business, as he always found it hard to give instructions. The best pictures always happened without instructions.
In our interview he tells us about his initial experiences with magazines, his love for trees and his love-hate relationship with New York City to which he has devoted much of his photographic work.