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The Hot Ice Cube

Fire and Ice with Eberhard Schuy

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In this film, photographer Eberhard Schuy, shows us how to effectively photograph an artificial ice cube and recreate the unique attributes indicative to real ice. Most photographers know, photographing real ice cubes in a photo studio full of equipment and lighting, is next to impossible. The next best thing to a real ice cube, or actually better than, is an artificial plastic or acrylic ice cube, which are crystal clear and look just like real ice. Schuy demonstrates step-by-step, the individual processes involved in prepping a realistic looking cube of ice that he purchased from a prop store. Schuy separates the actual photograph into two separate shots, combing them after the fact, in Photoshop. The first shot, was that of a steam setup with the acrylic ice cube, and the second was that of a small candle beneath a glass plate. Schuy gives several crucial tips as well as detailed information for working with plastic ice cubes so that they sparkle crystal-clear like real ice does. Key are the lighting placement, scene and background setup, and supporting equipment and materials, that help best distinguish the desired attributes that are unique to ice, which makes for realistic looking illumination in your end image.



I don't like the subject hot icecube for a photo ... but it is a good explaining about creating steam and put two exposures together.

Thank you for this article.

Thank you for this article. That’s all I can say. You most definitely have made this blog into something special.

Wow… This was like an eye

Wow… This was like an eye opener to me. I never had the least idea about such a technique being used in this area. Well this seems pretty easier than doing the shoot with a real ice. This also gives room for a bit of experimentation too.