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The Third Dimension

More Depth in Pictures by Using Fore- and Background

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Photography is a two-dimensional medium. Images have a width and a height, but no depth.
But the more experienced a portrait photographer is, the higher become his claims to a three-dimensional look. A picture shall occur to the viewer as if the model could pop out of the image in the next moment. Frequently used strategies to increase the plasticity of the image are, for example, wide-angle lenses, long lenses, shadows and leading lines.
In this tutorial Bert Stephani discusses another solution, namely adding a foreground to the picture. If one chooses a foreground that cooperates with the background in a good way, one gets an extra dose of depth. A good combination is achieved when the foreground contrasts with the background but as well matches. The contrast should not require too much of the viewer's attention because that would make the model less visible. Bert shows which contrasts are particularly suitable, where to find them and how to use them.