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Three Locations for Nude Photography

Interesting Motifs at an Abandoned Industrial Building

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Photographer Corwin von Kuhwede takes FotoTV viewers on an exciting erotic shooting with his model, Claudia at an abandoned industrial building in Leipzig, Germany.

Today von Kuhwede gives important insight how viewers can find their own interesting motifs in such locations where they initially might think not possible. Going though all disciplines, technical, creative as well as the aspects relating to working with nude models, von Kuhwede accomplishes three different set-ups during difficult weather conditions. The first location that he searches out is on the top floor with open windows letting in the natural light in abundance. He uses a broken window frame as a makeshift swing for model Claudia to swing back and forth on. Von Kuhwede works well with his models always paying attention to body posture and control thereof. It is important for the model to feel comfortable when shooting nude portraits and von Kuhwede does a great job at putting Claudia at ease and taking care of her comfortableness throughout the entire shoot.

Von Kuhwede is also very ingenious when it comes to props and juxtaposing his locations to bring out the best eye-catching contrast. Using ordinary white household curtains hanging down in the run-down industrial building is just one example how von Kuhwede’s mind is always at work creatively. Mixing the old with the new, the modern with the traditional, everything comes together in perfect unison making the sleek erotic photo shooting an instant success. Knowing light and how to modify it also works in von Kuhwede’s favor, whether he uses a reflector or not he is always paying attention to the light and at which angle it is falling onto the model, positioning her accordingly. Von Kuhwede gives an in-depth technical photographic analysis on his choice of camera settings, lenses and post-production photo editing to ensure that viewers can effectively and immediately start out on their own nude portraits. These attentive steps show in the end result, his photos are more than satisfying.


Three Locations

One would never said it is possible to make such beautiful photos on such ugly place like old factory. FotoTV is really full of good ideas. Thanks and wish good light