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Trail of Smoke

Shooting a Broken Bulb

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Water, Fire, and now, Smoke. Today, photographer Herbert Wannhof demonstrates step-by-step in this latest instructional video, how FotoTV viewers can flawlessly photograph trails of smoke as depicted from a broken lightbulb. There is no one correct way to photograph smoke, but it is clear Wannhof has developed his technique over a period of time. And as most photographers will agree it is a learning and discovery process every time they take photos. As Wannhof begins his set-up run through, we learn the most important thing when photographing smoke is getting enough light to freeze the motion of the smoke in mid-air. Wannhof does this by using more than one flash and with a clean and simple background. Wannhof comprehensively details all technical requirements, safety considerations and the tools needed to complete the spectacular shot of the broken bulb with trails of smoke. Although smoke is an interesting subject matter, in Wannhofs photos, the smoke itself isn’t actually the subject matter, it is simply the tool used to create spectacular photographs. Wannhof simply does not create pictures of smoke, he creates pictures by using smoke. A very solid approach to ensure complete creative control, and to manipulate the smoke as needed to get superb end result. Wannhof’s primary points of interests, and therefore his specialties are; portrait and nudes and special effects photography, as well as devoting more time to further develop his interest in panoramic photography. He also works as a consultant for Artlight-Studios in Leichlingen, Germany, a fully equipped and easily accessible studio, which is very "photographer-friendly".