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Unconventional Light

Steven van Veen´s Main Rimlight

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In this comprehensive film, photographer Steven Van Veen produces a sensual scene using somewhat unconventional lighting. This time using two strip-lights as his main lighting, but with a twist. Thinking out of the box, he creates wonderful intimate back-lighting with an edge. Van Veen begins by placing the two strip-lights behind the model, Swetlana. Then, he goes on to illustrate the difference with and without using a fill-light, or bounce light, with aid of two reflector boards placed in front of the model. Although there is minimal effort involved in this set-up, the results are undeniably dynamic. Using simple photographic techniques, Van Veen transforms an otherwise ordinary scene into something most professionals practice long at before it is perfected. Complete with working tips and all technical information, this film is easily understood and easily recreated. It also proves that being unconventional does not have to mean complex or expensive. And as many photographers know, thinking out of the box can sometimes produces amazing results. Based out of his studio in Schwanau, Germany, Van Veen has worked for a multitude of clients in television, advertising, periodicals, fashion and media. He also leads his own workshops for fellow photographers, as well as being a regular contributor to FotoTV.


Too Short :-)

Too Short :-)

Unconventional, but absolutely great

Very nice pictures.