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Using Multiple Gray Filters

High Noon Shooting with Martin Krolop

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Photographer Martin Krolop returns with another informative hands-on learning video on how to get the most professional looking photos possible in a bright light situation using multiple gray filters and a portable fill in flash.

Krolop begins his shooting at midday, a time when most photographers would be either indoors in the studio or at a cafe waiting for the sun to lower a bit. Most photographers and style aficionados know that this time of day produces a consistent, perfect afternoon lighting effect look. But that does not stop Krolop; he has put together a comprehensive learn-by-doing video for photographers to see just how versatile they and their camera equipment really are. Armed with a few gray filters and a portable flash, Krolop offers many tips and tricks on how to get the best out of a bright light situation and make professional photos.

Focusing on portraiture, Krolop covers important topics from lens selection, exposure time, aperture setting and proper ISO values, leaving nothing out. Any photographer, amateur or professional, looking to update his database of knowledge, or looking to add a different style to his portfolio, is definitely in the right place.

Based out of Bonn, Krolop comprises half of the creative team at Krolop & Gerst photography. Combining traditional photography techniques with the latest technology and software, Krolop and Gerst specialize in editorial, fashion, location and wedding photography, providing excellent visual solution services to many satisfied clients.


Very awesome pictures

Even in bright sunlight a flash can enhance your picture.