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Using the Ring Flash III

Four Arguments for Fill Light with Ring Flash

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In this FotoTV series photographer Ralph Man will discuss the Ring Flash for use in beauty and fashion applications. This third installment begins with an in-depth description of the Ring Flash and all that it can do while using it as a fill flash. While the two previous films concentrated on technical information pertaining to the usage of the Ring Flash as a main light source, this film focuses on using the Ring Flash as an accent light.

Ring Flash offers a stylistic approach to creating nearly shadow free images. Unlike other flash light sources the Ring Flash is attached onto the optical axis of the camera and lens offering shadow free image results.

Ralph Man does an excellent job explaining and demonstrating the specific techniques associated with the Ring Flash and his built up set. Photographers new to the Ring Flash will find this hands on tutorial very informative and photographers already using Ring Flash will find his excellent tips extremely useful.