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Interview with Mike Larson

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Mike Larson is a well-known American wedding photographer from sunny California. He strives to be different from the typical wedding photographer and elevates this art form.

One of the big differences is that Larson takes the time to become acquainted with the couple in the weeks before the wedding for a pre-wedding shoots, thus developing a friendly relationship with them. This enables the personality of each couple to show through in their photos. In addition, Mike Larson establishes his own style by using different points of view and locations uncommon in wedding photography.

We had the opportunity to interview Mike Larson during his European tour when he stopped in Dusseldorf/Germany. Enjoy!


If you are...

really interested in taking wedding pictures... there are some other... really notable... photographers. Joe Buissink (great pictures, nice website and a person with great energy)... they call him the ninja... he really is everywhere and nowhere... Yervant, Dennis Reggie, Jeff Ascough, Martin Schembri... they all have that kind of "photojournalistic" style in their own way.

I had a very emotional

I had a very emotional response to his encouragement! Thanks for bringing him to my attention and giving me links for more! -NJC


I really want to be a wedding photographer. Thanks for some technique. Its really great.... Two thumbs up.

Mike Larson

Liked watching this video, especially since I had a similar experience doing the old school wedding. Altho I did apply some of the things suggested in the video, and that really helped me enjoy shooting weddings. Made me think I might enjoy shooting weddings again and try an update on the promotional side of the business. Thanks Mike!

The Heart of Photography

This is what every photographer dreams of: taking wedding pictures. I like Mike Larson and i like his attitude. Of course, technical aspects are important, but having the right attitude and the passion is even more important. Thx FotoTV for your service and the huge amount of inspiring videos.

i'd like to know more about wedding photography...

Hi all, newbie here... please enlighten me on this new endeavor... regards, jof

one word

ultimate job done

salam to all

i lovet it&ilove thes style of photogrefe

This guy is what I called the

This guy is what I called the 21st century photographer


sumamente interesante, eres realmente extraordinario como manejas todas la situaciones.

nice shoot

your so creative.. i love it so much

web address

pls can u send me ur web address pls dis my email pls.

Woah~ He was indeed one of

Woah~ He was indeed one of the most famous photographer in America. His shots were definitely remarkable, making his works absolutely unique. This video shows us the overview of his work. Truly amazing! :)