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William Wegman

Photography Generates Conversation

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The American William Wegman originally wanted to become a painter but then opted for photography. Today he is known internationally. His name is associated primarily with his photographic compositions in which dogs play the leading role.
From the beginning of the 1980s he exposed his own Weimaraner in various costumes and poses. During his teaching at the California State University he got his first dog, Man Ray. Man Ray was so well known that 1982 the Village named him Man of the Year.
In addition, he is active as a children's author, his work Puppies was a New York Times bestseller. He is also known for his videos: We already saw some of his video sequences for example on Sesame Street.
In this FotoTV. interview Wegman recalls of his animal origins and lets us participate in other anecdotes of his photographic life. We see images of his dog photography collection and even watch him "live" at work.