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The WOW - Effect

Mike Larson: How to be Remarkable

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In this FotoTV film, we sit down to talk to photographer Mike Larson to learn about the “Wow” effect and how to impress your clients with the most remarkable service.

Larson uses the Apple iPad to wow his clients. After photographing a wedding, he is then able to immediately edit his photos in Lightroom and offer the wedding couple a first look at their magnificent and beautiful photos. Definitely a very impressive method to give your clients the best there is to offer. Larson also stresses the fact of always thinking ahead and utilizing technology to win over and impress clients. The iPad is one of his tools he uses, as well as the iPhone, and his clients are always more than satisfied. Larson can even email a photo directly from the wedding reception to the bride or groom’s friends and family.

After shooting an event or wedding, Larson will even offer to loan out his iPad to a newlywed couple so they can take it with them for a few weeks to show everyone on their honeymoon. All in all, Larson believes it is about being a step ahead of all the other photographers to differentiate your service from theirs. He also believes in providing the most remarkable and innovative service he can, and of course his clients should always be “wowed” at the results.

To get updates on Mike Larson's work and tips, visit his twitter page at: mikelarsoninc.


ipad comercial

This film is a little bit boring because it could also be a apple presentation for its ipads


Mike Larson is great.

commercial, but...'s great how he uses the device for advancing his business by enhancing the clients' experience.


This does look nice and also it looks to be something very simple and still has something that is making people attract to it. That aura of life what it has is which makes it different among the other methods.