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FotoTV.Classic for christmas: A FotoTV Christmas Carol

Eberhard Schuy and the Salty Santa Claus

In this special holiday video, photographer Eberhard Schuy of Loft 2 creates a unique Christmas/New Years memento, exclusively for FotoTV viewers.

Starting with basic materials, such as regular table salt and simple container, Schuy demonstrates step-by-step, how to create an iced-over, frosty Santa Claus, perfect to photograph and use as a holiday card. Although Schuy shows us two unique examples, practically any small item can be used and the creative possibilities are endless.

Normally, the first thing that comes to mind when attempting to photograph ice would be to use ice crystals straight from the freezer. Unfortunately, this technique would last only a few seconds, not leaving much time before melting, making it difficult to capture it on film. Schuy’s technique, creating snow that does not melt by using table salt remedies this problem. The frosted, or iced-over Santa Claus remains exactly as is so that there are no time constraints for making photos.

Moving along, Schuy sets up lighting best for bringing out the structure and detail of the frosty creations. Most photographers are aware of the particulars and troubles when it comes to photographing very bright, or white saturated textures. In addition to the thorough and highly beneficial technical information, Schuy takes several test shots, demonstrating specific techniques and tricks in regards to the lighting to achieve distinct shadows and most authentic looking results, and the results are fun and phenomenal—definitely a great idea for the holidays, as well as a way to try out new ideas.


Collector W.M. Hunt Photo Art > Collecting Photography

Photography collector W.M. Hunt tells how he got into collecting and how his enthusiasm increased over time.

Michael Greccos' Golden Rules Photography by Subject > Portrait/People

Commercial photographer Michael Grecco from Los Angeles presents his golden rules to aspiring business photographers.

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