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FotoTV.Classic: Stuart Franklin

Photography Can Make an Impact

President of the Magnum Photo Agency, photographer Stuart Franklin has travelled to more than 120 different countries photographing impelling news, political, culture, and environmental stories. Franklin’s work has been published in the most distinguished newspapers and magazines of our time such as National Geographic Magazine and TIME Magazine. His seventh and latest book, “FOOTPRINT our landscape in flux” reflects the natural features of different regions, exploring unique landscapes and the space it occupies in man's world.

While working at Sygma (1980–85, today called Corbis) Franklin absorbed the skills of news photography, and also followed legendary photographer Henri Cartier-Bresson’s approach to photography; as he puts it, ‘curious, gentle, surreal with beautiful compositions.’ This experience had a major impact on Franklin and literally influenced everything he photographed.

With a deep theoretical understanding of the issues and subjects he photographs, Franklin eloquently composes the visible features of an area of land, including physical elements such as landforms, living elements of flora and fauna, abstract elements such as lighting and weather conditions, and human elements amidst their built environment; a keen medley of diversity harmonizing together.

In this film, he talks about his work and the acclaimed photographers who have inspired and influenced him most.

William Ropp Photo Art > Contemporary Photography

FotoTV. met french portrait photographer William Ropp for an interview in Arles.

Light Feathering, full body shot Technology and Presentation > Lighting Techniques

Here with part three in our series on light feathering, Martin Krolop shows us how to use only one light and the feathering technique for well balanced full body shots.

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