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Between Rock and Jazz

The Works of Lisa Tanner

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Photographer Lisa Tanner sits down with FotoTV to discuss the early beginnings of her career and her many incredible experiences as a staff photographer and publicist with Atlantic Records that provided her the chance to meet, interview and photograph living legends. Tanner also shares some of her iconic images from her immense photographic archives.

Tanner started photography at a very early age, largely in part due to her award winning photographer father, Lee Tanner. Jazz and Rock music have been a part of Tanner's life as long as she can remember, so has the musicians way of life, so attending concerts and music events her father was photographing came naturally to her. Branching off on her own, Tanner got her professional start as a rock photographer shooting some of the world's most talented and recognized artists for Atlantic Records, a time when the record label was at the pinnacle of the indutry. Starting out at an early age did have its disadvantages though. At age 17 she was competing with older, much more experienced photographers. But Tanner remained steadfast and determined to succeed. One thing that did help her out was being able to shoot an unlimited amount of material, which enabled her to improve and perfect her style.

Currently she is shooting more Jazz musicians as opposed to her early career and it is something she likes very much because of the camaraderie between the musicians and the much-welcomed absence of egos. Unlike the atmosphere surrounding rock stars, Tanner finds the Jazz musicians much more laid back and open to sharing their music with their peers. To Tanner it is all about creating a moment with her photography out of what the musicians are doing at the moment. She masterfully documents slices of time, her images giving eternal life to a wonderful music profession.