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FotoTV.News 5 - World Press Photo Award

June 1, 2010 - 16:58 — FotoTV-News Int...
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The 5th edition of FotoTV.News is a special edition on World Press Photo 2010. The annual press photography award is organized by the Netherlands based Foundation World Press Photo.

Apart from the prestigious Press Photo of the Year award (the winner is endowed with10000 Euros), the jury also selects 3 winners in 10 other categories such as, Breaking News, General News, People in the News, Sports Action, Sports Features, Contemporary Issues, Daily Life, Portraits, Arts and Entertainment and Nature.

FotoTV was in Amsterdam at the venue of this Award and spoke with the jury, the winners, the organizers and visitors. In this edition of FotoTV.News, our regular feature - Portfolio, showcases all the winning photographs from this year's World Press Photo.

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Here is the news:

Here is the FotoTV.News #4

April 27, 2010 - 17:47 — FotoTV-News Int...

The News highlights from the fourth English edition of FotoTV News Show:

Photoshop CS5 (beta) released - Torsten Kieslich takes a look on the new features:

  • Camera Raw 6.0
  • HDRpro
  • Content Aware
  • Mini Bridge

a new webtip:

Portfolio: The photographs of Leonard Nimoy  

Here is the News:

Here is the FotoTV.News #3

March 17, 2010 - 10:59 — FotoTV-News Int...

The News highlights from the third English edition of FotoTV News Show:

  • Larry Sultan has passed away
  • The Imago Camera in Berlin
  • The Yongnuo RF-602 Flash Trigger
  • Webtip: Depth of Field Calculator
  • FotoTV Preview
  • Portfolio

Here is the News:

Here is the News #2

December 30, 2009 - 13:24 — FotoTV-News Int...
The News highlights from the second English edition of FotoTV News Show.
FotoTV wins the German IPTV Award
Paris Photo 2009; Conversations with members of
  • Arab Image Foundation
  • Magnum Photos
  • Woerdehoff Gallery
Portfolio of Evelyn Hofer
A Surftip for you!
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Here is the News:

FotoTV News No. 1

December 9, 2009 - 17:31 — FotoTV-News Int...

Here's our first English edition of FotoTV News.

It is a news show in which we present interesting snippets of information on photography from around the world. We feature the latest news, surf tips, a selected photographer's portfolio, a preview of our upcoming program, latest updates from FotoTV itself, how you can be a part of FotoTV and many more.

We hope to bring you this News Show once a month. Also, we intend to improvise it with time, so if you have any comments or suggestions after viewing it, do write to us.

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And now enjoy the show:

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