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David Mecey

Playboy and Beyond

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In this film, former contributing photographer for Playboy magazine, David Mecey discusses his present style, as well as his past work for the illustrious magazine, a job that numerous photographers only can dream about.

For millions of men, the mere mention of Playboy magazine instantly brings images to mind of stunning, perfect Barbie beauties, but to Mecey, there was much more involved in photographing the Playboy image than the average reader would think.

Playboy has a distinct look, not to mention the ever so coveted centerfold. Mecey explains that the amount of intricate preparation and attention to detail, in lighting, wardrobe, and make-up meant that the model had to stay in static poses for any length of time just to get ‘that’ perfect shot. The poses, the locations, the styling, always had a similar feel to them in order for the models to look like they were Playboy models. Having spent more than 23 years specializing in pictures of beautiful, sexy women, Mecey decided to venture off into new creative waters to further his talent and hone his craft. Now, he is completely free to do what he wishes to shoot, even though the years of experience for one of the world’s most known magazines definitely has its benefits.

The sort of preparation, experience and precise sense about photographing models can be seen in his work today. Mecey believes it's the quality of light that conveys who you are as photographer. He also suggests to always experiment and try a variety of different light sources, and never to stagnate using the same lighting routine. Mecey plays with the light to enhance the mood and the look of his shots, visualizing beforehand how everything will be combined, models, lighting and location. Just at the start of his career Mecey shot for probably the most famous men's magazine in the world. Desirable women, enormous crews, stunning locations, but that was not enough.

Today, Mecey does not want to be known as just, the Playboy photographer. Although he is proud of his work for Playboy, he is more interested in creating new ideas and new images, albeit putting everything he has learned from those years to good use. Mecey continues to create some of the most stunning images of women we see in publications today.


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