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Ed Ruscha

A Pioneer of Conceptual Photography

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Ed Ruscha is a Grandmaster of photography! Ever the vanguard, he was one of the early pioneers who saw photography as a medium to create artwork.

This interview enables you to meet one of the significant photographers of our time!


Image-makers vs. photographers

It is great to see a "photographer" who sees himself (herself) as more than just a photographer. I sometimes find "photographers" narrow minded when it comes to their medium (or other mediums)... Some photographers are scared to death of blurring the lines between different ways of expressing themselves and end to cling to photography as to a life-vest that will save them from all of these unknowns out there... I really like the idea of someone as a "image-maker" as opposed to a more narrow description. You can hear echoes of this sort of reasoning when people dismiss some expression just because "it's not .......(fill in the blank) anymore" It seems to be easier to discuss the category (photography - non-photography) than the actual merit of the work.