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Mark Arbeit

Darkroom Performer

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Mark Arbeit is one of the three Boys of Pasadena, he lives in Hawaii. From there he looks back on his previous career as photographer. He learned his artisanry from scratch and he spent most of his time not in Lightroom but in the darkroom. Today Mark Arbeit has chum up with the advantages of digital image editing, and he developed a method of combining digital with analogue work. But in his photographer's heart he stays being an advocate of the darkroom.

In our FotoTV. interview he talks about a project that he wanted to realize before the darkroom would be closed forever: Nude photographe with very big roles of photogram paper. Mark shows us the awesome deliverables of that project and he talks about the production workflow.

Besides he presents his other projects like "Torso" or "Polajunk", where we can take a look at the results of successful combining digital with analogue.