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Philip Blenkinsop

The Essence Of A Moment

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In this film FotoTV features the work of renowned photojournalist, Phillip Blenkinsop. During this interview he discusses his advocacy for global environment awareness, as well why he still uses film when photographing. Blenkinsop’s riveting images do not focus on the predictable; rather they rely on the essence of the moment. A lot of his most significant work was done with large format panorama cameras and Polaroid imaging systems, the large format denoting a larger than life urgency. His approach to photographing in China post disaster was simply to relay a message and inform the public of the utter loss and in that region. Blenkinsop’s award winning pictorials undoubtedly portray the desperation he was feeling at the time he took the pictures. Numerous scenes of tragedy, destruction and human life in the aftermath of the aforementioned effectively educate the viewer, taking them on a subtle journey within the image. There is a startling truthfulness to Blenkinsop’s photography, almost haunting. As a successful photographer of his generation, he succeeds in provoking the viewer, leaving a visual legacy of the less fortunate situations the people of Asia have been subjected to. “One hundred years from now, people will see my photos, a documentation of what I experienced, the people I met and the lives they led.” Blenkinsop currently lives in Asia and is currently working on two long-term projects: Nepal, and Thailand’s Southern Insurgency.



I have heard a lot about the famous photojournalist Phillip Blenkinsop. I think he had followed a different path to capture the images and I think it was his main attraction. Thank you for sharing this information!


actually i find his work a lil bit bizzare

what the heck!,. is he eating

what the heck!,. is he eating human feet?

what the heck!,. is he eating

what the heck!,. is he eating human feet?

Is the image about

Is the image about cannibalism? Because I think he is eating a human feet. . Or does it have other meaning that I haven't noticed yet.