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Renaissance Portraits I

Photographs That Look Like Paintings

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In this FotoTV film, photographer and lecturer, Rudiger Schestag delves into the interesting theme of renaissance portrait photography.

Schestag, who focuses mainly on people photography in the areas of concert, theater and actor photographs, discusses his latest project and gives viewers a practical step by step shooting on how to go about recreating a scene that is likened to the masters of renaissance painting. In this first of two installments, Schestag concentrates on his motivation and technique behind his latest project and how he conceptualized the project.

The look and aura of his photographs are definitely retro in style, but unique in that they are not an imitation because they capture the character of his subjects, tattoos or piercings included, rather than simply document them. Schestag gives a very detailed account on how to build-up the set and the specific lighting required for a renaissance portrait shooting. He photographs most of his models either semi-nude or nude and even makes his own fabric garments for his models to wear in order not to detract from the overall renaissance feel of the photo.