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Simon Annand

In Theatres at The Half

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In this film, photographer Simon Annand discusses his work as a theater photographer in detail and his personal relationship to the actors and love of the theater. Annand also talks about his exhibit, "The Half: Photographs of Actors Preparing for the Stage", an intimate look at the time during which the actors are alone preparing for their transition to the stage.

Annand has worked in and around the theatre for more than 20 years in a variety of ways, production photographs, portraits, posters and publicity shots. And for over two decades he has been granted unique access to actors' dressing rooms and aspects of a very personal nightly ritual. Annand notes, "Whatever theater actors do during the day, each evening they go on stage to give a performance as somebody else and when "The Half" is called over the loudspeaker backstage, it is the start of a 35 minute countdown to walking out onstage.  Annand is in the dressing during this solemn period as the actors concentrate in privacy during these few minutes, transforming themselves into whatever fictional character required of their role.

Annand's technically skilled photographs provide a rare glimpse into precious, private moments before the show and pay tribute to the dedication of stage actors.